Saturday, August 7, 2010

R. Kelley Farms | Sacramento, CA

According to a recent report published by the Sacramento Council of Governments' Rural-Urban Connection Strategy, there are over 231 farms and ranchers in the region who sell their products throughout the year at various venues such as farmers' markets, roadside stands, food co-ops, and grocery stores.

Given this staggering number, it was no surprise to find dotted along a small stretch of the Old River Road (CA-160), signs that pointed us to R. Kelley Farms, a family owned farming venture which has been providing healthy fruits and vegetables to the surrounding community for over 15 years.

Located about 1.5 miles north from the the sleepy town of Hood, R. Kelley Farms is owned and operated by Ron Kelley and his wife, Ella. And both very much involved in every aspect of their business, whether its overseeing sales to ensure that each visitor's needs are met or being up every morning to fill each bin in their shed with such seasonal items as black-eyed peas, okra, sweet corn, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, sweet onions, speckled butter beans, lima beans, crowder peas, purple-hull peas, green beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, and sweet melons. Believe it or not, this ONLY covers their Summer pickings. When Fall rolls around, these very same bins are replaced with pumpkins, squash, collard greens, turnips, spinach, broccoli, rutabagas, and brussel sprouts.

But what also sets R. Kelley Farms aside from others in the area is that they also let you self-pick your own fruits and vegetables. It's a short tractor ride out to the fifty-eight acres of well-groomed crops, where everything is in reach and certainly ripe for the picking.

So, whether you're looking for ways to supplement your own backyard garden with other exciting fare or you're city slickers like us, be sure to stop by for a little bit of fun and a whole lotta love and appreciation. Do keep in mind, however, R. Kelley Farms is only open from July through October.


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