Friday, August 13, 2010

Chocolate Fish Coffee | Sacramento, CA

There's a time-tested gesture native to New Zealand that if given a "chocolate fish," you are being recognized with either a very special thank you, apology, or reward for a good deed. As I understand it, it's their unique way of paying it forward to ensure harmony within a family dynamic, a community, or some other microcosm such as an office or a classroom.

What is a "chocolate fish" you ask? They are milk-chocolate covered marshmallow candies shaped like a fish. They come in a variety of lengths, but the most popular are as long as eight inches. In short, a "chocolate fish" is all about rich and chewy goodness that anyone would appreciate.

And it is with this philosophy, this gesture of goodwill, that the folks at Chocolate Fish Coffee welcome each of their customers. As far as their concerned, we're all deserving of a special treat!

Located on the corner of 3rd and Q Street, Chocolate Fish Coffee was established in 2008 by Andy and Edie Baker, both of whom have made it their personal commitment to provide some of the best tasting beverages made from the highest quality coffee beans the world has to offer. As they are quick to note, "We love espresso, and hope to pass this passion on to our visitors."

Nothing is compromised in their neighborhood storefront, meaning that careful preparation goes into every cup. The beans are provided by Ecco Caffe and Ritual Roasters, and they act as the base for all of their drinks such as the Flat White, which they describe as "a short version of a latte that's served in a small cup to render a smooth, yet strong flavor." Or, if you're craving something that's a bit more bold, there's the Ristretto, where "the espresso shot is pulled short to produce a richer, more intense cup of coffee."

Not sure what blend is right for you? That's okay. They can serve up more conventional fare, or if asked, they are more than willing to talk shop. After all, Andy and Edie have in their employ not just one, but two renowned baristas, Kyle Baumann and Erik Annonson. Both were recently featured competitors at the United States Barista Championships in April.

So, they really know their stuff at Chocolate Fish Coffee, and they are certainly willing to share their personal stories. Given this, there's only one question to ask yourself: Do you or someone you know deserve a "chocolate fish" today?

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