About Us

Recently, a fan of ours asked why we chose to create a blog that concentrated primarily on food. Our response wasn’t necessarily immediate, but it was a shared response. In short, writing about our food adventures and discoveries allowed us to combine the best of the following:
  • Our love of food.
  • Our love of traveling.
  • Our love of photography.
  • Our love of doing things with our kids and seeing them get as involved as we are.
  • Our love for each other since this project combines the best of us and our talents.
The story behind "Out of the Kitchen" began in 2008 during a summer vacation along the California-Oregon coast. The kids were doing their thing in the back of our van, meaning that the radio was off and yet another episode of SpongeBob SquarePants was running its course on the DVD player. We were up front trying to keep our wits together between stops on the long and winding road.

Because they were in their own little worlds, this meant that we had time to reflect on what we had already done and seen as a family as well as anticipate what was still ahead of us. One conversation lead to another, and before we knew it, we were talking about creating a travelogue to document our adventures: where we visited, what we did, what we saw, what we ate, and who we met. The endeavor was ambitious, but we were excited! We were pumped! We danced with the thought of being held in the same company as Huell Howser, Samantha Brown, Charles Kuralt, and Anthony Bourdain!  

But then, reality reared it ugly head once we returned home. It was back to our 9-to-6 jobs, and the daily grind of being working parents. Although the project was put on hold, it was certainly not forgotten.  And now, here we are, two years later, with the same drive and desire from which the idea for was born. Only this time, we streamlined the initial blueprint. We chose to direct our energy (and resources) to a more relevant and simple topic: food. Soon enough, "Out of the Kitchen" was created.

We have since been having a lot of fun sharing our adventures and foodie finds with our readers and followers. We hope that you are feeling the same joy as well in our articles, factoids, and photographs.

Thank you for stopping to check out our blog. We appreciate your support, and maybe we'll see you soon at your favorite food find!

Perry and Tess

P.S. We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line or share one of your own personal adventures at kitchencravings@gmail.com.