Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Oinkster | Eagle Rock, CA

To categorize The Oinkster as just another hamburger stand would be a great injustice, especially when they offer other choice selections such as the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Oinkster Pastrami. As good as these are, however, none holds a candle to their all beef counterparts, including The Royale, a 1/3 pound behemoth that is blanketed with slices of pastrami, their house-special chili, Gruyere cheese, red cabbage slaw, and crispy bacon. Now, that's finger-licking good times!!! And did you save room for dessert? My recommendation ... the Horchata or Ube shake made thick and creamy from Fosselman's ice cream.

Founded by celebrated chef, Andre Guerrero, The Oinkster is located along Eagle Rock's Colorado Boulevard in what was once known to the surrounding community as Jim's Burgers. Fully restored and redefined, they describe themselves as being "innovative, affordable, stylish, and fun. We tread where no Los Angeles eatery has gone before and combine culinary classics with a no-attitude style." No argument here, especially given that The Oinkster is now among my son's top ten faves.

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