Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swork Coffee | Eagle Rock, CA

In as many years as my wife and I have been married, we've been coming to Swork Coffee, one of the original small business establishments which helped spearhead Eagle Rock, CA's revitalization. And the attraction was not what we were getting in our cups, but rather Swork Coffee offered a no frills place to meet and laugh with friends, family and neighbors.

Got kids? No problem, meaning that the little tykes are taken care of as well with an available children's drink menu and a play area known as Sworkland, where there are toys and books a-plenty. Founded by entrepreneur Tricia Neal in 2000, Swork Coffee offers nothing but the best with its beans coming direct from growers in Guatemala and its blends developed through its own beverage lab. Whether you're having one of their signature Sworkuccinos, Gelatoccinos, or Smoothies, you know you're getting quality and rich flavors that are not watered down. So, avoid that other "coffee house" across the street and stop into this true original. You won't be disappointed.

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