Thursday, July 22, 2010

Misty Meadows | Bandon, OR

From the moment we rolled up to park the van to the moment we found ourselves wandering among the rows of signature jams and jellies, there was something about Misty Meadows Jams. It was like I had been here before. Was it the helpful staff hose faces seemed so familiar? Or perhaps it was the t-shirts and aprons that they were wearing, each with the wording "Got Jam?" emblazoned on the front. I just couldn't put a finger on it until I noticed a photograph hanging along one of the showroom rafters...there he was...Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel's original series Dirty Jobs.

Misty Meadows Jams was featured on the show, and for good reason. They have been in the business of making the fruity spreads since 1970, when they were just a family operated roadside stand selling only a handful of products. The family still rules the roost, but now they sell over 7 different fruit butters and 28 varieties of jams and jellies. Oh, let's not forget that they also include in the mix a selection of fruit-infused honeys, syrups, and other fun favorites like salsas, and bbq sauces. All of their product are made from original recipes and all are 100% natural, meaning that coloring agents, preservatives, corn syrup, or other fillers are not used. Among our favorite jams (as evidenced by the two boxes we stuffed into the back of the van): Bandon Cranberry, Marionberry, Oregon Blueberry, Wild Huckleberry, Gooseberry, and something called the Tayberry, a strange cross between a raspberry and ???? If you can figure that one out, please let us know. Because that would also tell us that you stopped by Misty Meadows Jams and fell in love with it like we have.

Misty Meadows Jams and Jellies
48053 Hwy 101 S
Bandon OR 97411

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