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Suzie Burger | Sacramento, CA

Like us, I'm sure you've been to your fair share of theme restaurants. You know the ones I'm talking about: Hard Rock Cafe, The Rainforest Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp, ESPN Zone, and Johnny Rockets. There are even eateries specifically designed with families in mind. Take, for example, Chuck E. Cheese, American Girl Cafe, Disney's Soda Fountain, and John's Incredible Pizza. There's certainly something for everyone, no matter your age or your craving. Why am I bringing this up? Because every time I step into Suzie Burger, I can't help but think that I've just been transported to a place where the 50's have collided with The Jetsons. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly see where an argument can be made against labeling Suzie Burger as a theme restaurant. After all, the pomp and circumstance usually associated with such places are not found here. But still, there is an unmistakable style and feel that sets it apart from just any ordinary fast-casual burger stand or sandwich shop. Heck, the folks at Suzie Burger even have their own mascot, the vivaciously drawn Suzie herself. With her playful pigtails, she zooms across the Sacramento skyline in her rocket ship while toting a burger blaster and gravity belt. She's a culinary character not to be crossed, and we're buying all that she's dishing out!

Opened in January 2008, Suzie Burger is among the latest in a line of dining forays developed by Fred and Matt Haines, the brotherly owners behind the Riverside Clubhouse, Bistro 33 Midtown, Spin Burger Bar, and many others. And as we can tell, the idea behind Suzie Burger is to serve customers with tasty wholesome food while serving it in an environment that promotes nothing but good ol' fashioned fun. Now, don't come here expecting an extensive menu. Rather, the brothers keep things relatively simple, meaning that your choices reach no further than a burger, hot dog, or cheesesteak, the three main items on the menu. Where things can get "crazy" is how you'd like to dress your order. With an array of toppers that include bacon, pastrami, chili, raw or grilled onions, sauerkraut, mushrooms, pickled jalapeños and even a fried egg, they encourage you to be as creative as your taste buds will allow.

For us, the kids typically go for the double-deluxe cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Suzie's own special sauce. My wife will go for much of the same, but will either add a fried egg or chili depending on her mood that day. Me? It's all about their Philly-style cheesesteak with peppers, onions, bacon, and a sprinkling of pickled jalapeños. Add in an order or two of crispy onion rings, fries, and their signature Lemon Squeezies, and we're good to go! BTW, I should add that if you're one to wash your meal down with a tall cold one, Suzie's offers a selection of bottled micro-brews or tapped draft beers from PBR to a local IPA. And I'm not even going to start with their desserts, but my son swears on their famous Chocolate Brick sundaes. So, if you're looking to add another Sactown original to your list, stop on in to Suzie Burger. They're open daily and is located on 29th and P Streets.

Suzie Burger P Street & 29th Street Sacramento, CA 95816

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