Monday, June 17, 2013

Old Soul Company | Sacramento, CA


When given the opportunity to take a break from their busy schedules, it's not hard to imagine that the choice of activity for Tim Jordan and Jason Greist may be to sit down across from each other with a good cup of coffee. Why? Because it's been something the two friends have done since their first meeting in 2002. At that time, Jason had just opened the Naked Lounge Coffeehouse, and Tim ... Well, he was one of Jason's first customers. Years later, a business partnership blossomed and the Old Soul Company became the Sacramento scene's reward.

From fresh artisanal baked goods that feed the eye as much as one's appetite to gourmet soups, salads, and sandwiches, Tim and Jason are doing all the right things by championing all-natural ingredients from mostly local suppliers. As they've often described it, "Sac has soul," and there's no reason to go anywhere else to stock the kitchens. Except, of course, where they get the beans that go into their specialty coffees. But make no mistake, even if the beans are coming from great distances, they are still blended and roasted right in the heart of the city's downtown grid at their original midtown location, aptly named The Alley.

There are currently three other locations under the Old Soul Compnay banner that serve the city: Weatherstone, Forty Acres, and Terminal B at Sac's International Airport. Each embraces the urban culture of its surrounding community and celebrates the art and artistry of its patrons. So, pull up a chair and chill out for a spell. Who knows? Sitting next to you just may be Tim and Jason. They've been doing it, after all, since their first meeting over ten years ago.
Old Soul Locations:
3434 Broadway
Sacramento, CA  95817

812 21st Street
Sacramento, CA  95811

1716 L Street (Rear Alley)
Sacramento, CA  95811

6900 Airport Blvd
Sacramento, CA  95837

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