Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday :: Hobee's Coffee Cake

For those of you who have visited the San Francisco Bay area, you may have already tasted the coffee cake at Hobee's. If you haven't, it is definitely worth a trip.

Hobee's piping hot, streusel-topped, blueberry coffee cake is a meal onto its own. Many who live in the area consider this a fundamental part of their diet, and rightly so. Legend has it that it is considered the Official Coffee Cake of Mountain View, CA. This may be fiction...but what is fact is the epic portion of a single order. One order is enough to feed a small family or a very hungry Stanford or San Jose State student.
For those who are just visiting and don't have a Hobee's nearby, don't fret...Hobee's sells them by the panful for you to take home and share.

Hobee's has restaurants in various locations in the Bay Area:


  1. So. Darn. Good. Been wishing for years that Hobee's would come to So Cal.

  2. Betty - Whenever we are in the area...we make sure to stop by and get our fill!

  3. Annette: Agreed! I'm sure that Hobee's ships to SoCal :-)