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Capitol Dawg | Sacramento, CA

Let's be honest, putting together a tasty hot dog to one's own preference is not difficult to do. All it takes is a well-prepared frankfurter or sausage that's either grilled, boiled, baked, or deep fried. Then, place it gently between a bun and top it off with whatever condiment is a favorite: mustard, green relish, chili, cheese, chopped onions, sauerkraut, or all the above. No fuss, no muss ... And what's left is your own culinary masterpiece.

But as simple as that is, there's always that little voice inside your head saying, "No matter what I do at home, a hot dog is not a hot dog unless it's prepared by the pros." You know that voice. It's the same one that calls to you whenever you're at the ballpark, at the county fair, or merely passing by the Costco food service counter. I don't know what it is about these places, but they consistently produce magic in a bun!

One such place that's been cranking out the goods for as long as I can remember is Sacramento's own
Capitol Dawg. Located in the heart of "The Grid" on 20th and L Streets, Capitol Dawg offers a varied menu that factors in every style of hot dog that you can think of as well as a few new ones. Whether you're craving a dog whose stylings are rooted in Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, or Coney Island, they got it here with all the fixings unique to these regional areas. Take, for example, the Prop 51 Dawg. A personal favorite of mine, this savory selection is prepared Chicago-style with mustard, green relish, onions, tomato, a kosher dill pickle spear, peppers, celery salt, and a poppy seed bun.

Capitol Dawg is as true of a hot dog stand as you'll find in the city. It's clean, it's quirky, it sports black-and-white tiled floors and wiener-related décor from floor to ceiling. As owner Mike Brown points out, we are "committed to quality and service that's a bit wacky, a bit vintage, and a lot of fun. Capitol Dawg is a cool place for warm friends!"

Need more incentive to stop on by? For the cost-conscious diner, they feature
Cappy Hour Specials every Tuesday night from 5:00-9:00p. Two bucks will buy you each a Capitol, turkey or Veggie Dawg, bottled beer, a basket of garlic fries, or a double-scoop of Dreyers old-fashioned ice cream.

But if money is not such an issue AND your feeling extra gluttonous, they have two on the menu that can and will take your breath away. There's the El
Senator Dawg, which features a deep fried beef frank wrapped in bacon and topped with pinto beans, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, salsa verde, sliced jalapenos, tomato, and mustard. Not good enough? Then order up the Governor Dawg, a deep fried American and Swiss cheese stuffed beef frank wrapped in bacon, cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, and tomatoes.

Oh ... One other thing. In celebration of their recent World Series Championship, the folks at Capitol
Dawg have paid homage to the San Francisco Giants by introducing the Giants Dawg - Our Own Champion. It's assembled from two quarter-pound all-beef Schwarz franks, house-made chili, American and Cheddar cheeses, ballpark mustard and chopped white onion, all plopped on a 14-inch-long sesame-seeded French roll. Brown notes, "This hot dog was created in honor of something that was long overdue, and celebrates the great victories in life."

So, enjoy! Their "
Dawg House of Representatives" are waiting to serve you.

Capitol Dawg
1226 20th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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