Friday, October 14, 2016

SEOULMATE | Long Beach and Fullerton, CA

It's not very often that we write about "chain" restaurants, simply because the quality and uniqueness of their offerings can be suspect from location to location. But when one stands out and exemplifies nothing but consistency, such is the case with SEOULMATE, we'd be remiss to let a shout-out go unsaid.

Founded in 2013, the idea for Seoulmate came from its owner, Brian K, who always wanted to bring a taste of authentic Korean culture to his home in Long Beach, CA. He kept his concept simple, fun, and loose. And what transpired is a menu that screams with bold flavors. Each dish is as appealing to the stomach as it is to the eye. As noted on their Yelp page, "(We are) dedicated to making and serving quality Korean cooking like your friend's mom used to make."         

Seoulmate has two locations in Southern California. One in Long Beach and the other in Fullerton's historic downtown district.

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