Friday, August 30, 2013

Semi Sweet Bakery | Los Angeles, CA

Sure, we had to wait nearly an hour until the next batch of fifty was brought to the counter. And yes, as the clock ticked down to those last waning minutes, we all clamored for position in a line that stretched out the door and down to the immediate street. As troublesome as that may sound, it was well worth it ... Every single second spent, for every single bite it took to consume one. What am I talking about? Call it a Cronut or a Crullant. It really doesn't matter because, when all is said and done, it's still the same warm, flakey, and chewy goodness that filled me (and every discerning customer) with general euphoria while standing in the dining room of Semi Sweet Bakery.

Established in 2010, Semi Sweet Bakery is the brainchild of Sharlene Fong, a native New Yorker who transformed herself from a promising financial consultant to a well-respected and innovative pastry chef. Together with Dennis Hunter and James Gonzalez, she finds inspiration in a budding downtown LA food scene that has collided with the city's ever-changing and vibrant urban landscape. Maple Bacon Sticky Buns, 7-Up Poundcake, PB & J Pockets, Chocolate Butterscotch Potato Chips, and Homemade Pop Tarts populate her menu alongside savory salads and sandwiches such as the McFong All Day Breakfast Sandwich. And let's not forget to the bakery's original "talked about" dessert, the Ding-A-Lings. Sharlene's twist on a popular childhood treat, her Ding-A-Lings come in Red Velvet, PB Crunch, Hazelnut Crunch, or Traditional Cream-Filled.

But again, the real star of late is her rendition of the Cronut, the pastry that skyrocketed its creator Dominique Ansel and his Soho bakery into foodie folklore. While the concept is similar, Sharlene's version is not fried, but rather baked, which explains why they are not made in big batches and takes a while to go from kitchen to counter. Its other distinction is that hers comes candy-glazed and without a filling. Plain, simple, and light. This is a must have that should be on everyone's culinary bucket list!

Semi Sweet Bakery in located at 105 East 6th Street in  Los Angeles, CA. It is open on most days at 8:00a except on Mondays. Get there early!

Semi Sweet Bakery
105 E. 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA  90014
(213) 228-9975


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