Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dynamo Donuts and Coffee | San Francisco, CA

BACON DONUT DAY IS EVERYDAY! A battle-cry that is noted on their website. A motto that is worn well on the chalk board signage noting the "flavors of the day" behind the take-out counter. None have stretched the creative boundaries of a donut's potential quite like our friends at Dynamo Donuts and Coffee. An idea conceived by renowned pastry chef, Sara Spearin, her neighborhood shop has not only fulfilled a longtime dream of hers, but it has also filled a niche that has not been seen or realized in San Francisco before her arrival.

Writes Lessley Anderson of Readymade Magazine, "Sara Spearin has developed mouth-watering recipes that use organic flour, milk, and palm shortening, rather than the preservatives and trans fat-laden ingredients favored by many commercial donut makers. Her natural approach, along with unusual flavor combinations, has drawn lines to the Mission District shop since she opened it in July 2008."

Spearin and her staff are there every morning at 2:30a prepping the kitchen for that day's menu, which is never repeated twice during the same week. In other words, a rotating selection of seven to ten donuts are featured daily from a collection of twenty-three exotic flavors, including, but not limited to:

- Chocolate Rose Geranium Hazelnut
- Lemon Pistachio
- The Monte Cristo (i.e. filled donut with ham, gruyere, and a house jam)
- Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate
- Candied Orange Blossom
- Caramel de Sel
- Saffron Chocolate
- Apricot Cardamom

And as noted, their Bacon Maple Apple donut is offered everyday. It is arguably their most popular flavor. Studded with bacon and apples that were sauteed in bacon fat and topped with a maple glaze and crispy bacon bits, every bite from this ringed delicacy simply melts in your mouth. We recommend that you include two (or more) in your order because one is simply not enough to garnish your plate.

For many of you who follow our culinary adventures, you know that we make no secret of our love for donuts. Baked or fried. Custard or jelly filled. Frosted with unusual toppings or simply covered in more traditional fare whether it's sprinkles, nuts, or coconut shavings. We just can't enough of these tasty confections, and as long as Spearin and her staff are rollin' out the goods, we will continue to be big fans and constant visitors to Dynamo Donuts and Coffee.

Dynamo Donuts and Coffee

2760 24th Street

San Francisco, C A 94110


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