Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Snapshot of the Day: Pineapple Banana Shortcake with Saffron

What: Pineapple Banana Shortcake with Saffron
Where: The Eatery West Sacramento Farmer's Market

We decided to check out the Farmer's Market in West Sacramento and came across "The Eatery." Their spin on the traditional shortcake was inventive and extraordinary. The hint of saffron mixed into the fresh dollop of whip cream brought out the freshness of the fruit and rounded out the flavors of this very original dessert.

The Eatery is a bistro that will be opening at the end of July in the Southport Area in West Sacramento. They have been fixtures at the West Sac Farmer's Market since it opened just a few months ago. And now, they have a legion of fans who are chomping at the bit to taste the rest of their fare and can't wait for the actual restaurant to open. Yours truly included!!

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