Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Breadboard Restaurant | Ashland, OR

EAT WELL ... We all strive to do this whether it's in the way we prepare our food, knowing where our ingredients are coming from, or how much we feed our bodies. There is no doubt that putting these two simple words together carry a great deal of meaning, especially since food is universal to all of us. Food gives us nourishment and energy to think better and go farther, and it brings people together as a community: family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. Simply put, eating well relates to one's personal growth, health, and happiness.

Given this, we were certainly glad to have found The Breadboard, a breakfast and lunch establishment located just north of downtown Ashland. Family owned and operated since 1983, it was easy to notice that the restaurant amassed quite a following among the locals who live in the community and tourists who call the town home for a few days in between Shakespearean plays.

"If you can believe it, this used to be a popular roadside gas station before we turned it into a restaurant,” notes Sarah Foster, who, along with her husband, Pete, has been running the show at The Breadboard for the last fourteen years.

But what's not to believe, especially since the restaurant is located on Oregon's historic Highway 99. You see, this highway was once known as the state’s main thoroughfare, stretching between Oregon's southern border and Portland. That is, until Interstate 5 took over that distinguished title.

But I’m digressing. Those who stop into The Breadboard probably could care less about its historical origins, but rather the thought is more about what’s on the menu. Be warned, it is quite extensive. Even before I was able to peruse the selections on my own, I overheard a neighboring customer describe it as, "Eye-candy for my stomach. There's just one belt-busting temptation after another."

No kidding. The folks at The Breadboard certainly don't mess around. They seemingly have everything under the sun including scrambles and omelets, traditional country breakfasts, pancakes and waffles, french toast, and a host of other special twists to old favorites. Nothing is held back or compromised, and if you don’t see it, just ask for it. This is one place that encourages substitutions.

Oh, by the way, every item on the menu is made from scratch, meaning that everything is made-to-order with ingredients provided by local farmers and artisans. So, what you’re getting is not only good, but it’s good for you no matter if it's choosing something simple such as a bowl of hot oatmeal with seasonal fruit or something more hearty like the Mountain Man, which features two hefty buttermilk biscuits split and topped with sausage patties, eggs any style, cheddar cheese, and homemade country gravy. And, lest not forget, most of the dishes are served with homers, i.e. their own unique spin on hash browns.

The Breadboard is open seven days a week, but only from 7:00a to 2:30p. Getting there early certainly allows for less wait time, but even if you did find yourself chatting with others outside before being summoned inside, the wait is never very long.

So, to this I say, EAT WELL. This is not only a moniker they believe in at The Breadboard, but it is a promise … After all, the very words are emblazoned on the back of their souvenir t-shirts!

Breadboard Restaurant
744 N Main St
Ashland, OR 97520

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  1. Oh the stories I could tell! I'll just stick to the floor food. Kim and Pete served floor food to Sara ! I watched it happen and spoke up about it and they fired me not long after that.